Corrupted Image File Recovery Software

Can Mac Photo Recovery tool fix corrupted image files? I have many images CR2 and JPEG on a drive that can’t open; I suspect they are corrupted in some way.



Corrupted files are those which become non-functional altogether. When you try to open a corrupt image file you find it is garbled by colors and line or may be it may simply refuse to open and reports an error. An image file can get corrupt due to various reasons like a glitch in the operating system or in the program utilizing the file, hard drive bad sectors, improper file saving procedure, system crash or a computer virus. Some of the typical error messages that indicate image file corruption are:

  • Cannot open file
  • File data inaccessible
  • No Preview Available - Windows Explorer
  • Drawing Failed - Windows Picture & Fax Viewer
  • This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete) - Photoshop
  • Can’t read file header! Unknown file format or file not found! - IrfanView
  • Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found - Photoshop

Recovering lost / deleted images is different from fixing a damaged / corrupt image. In case of fixing a corrupt image file, you already have the image file but is inaccessible due to some reason. Mac Recovery is powerful, yet easy to use image recovery software that helps you to recover digital photo, audio and video files even when they are lost, deleted or the memory card, removable media is formatted. The software is capable of recovering media files from IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives, FireWire and USB hard drives.

Mac Photo Recovery software helps you in recovering photo, audio and video files in the following circumstances:

  1. Photos accidentally deleted, lost from digital camera memory cards, Mac hard drives, USB flash drives etc.
  2. Formatted / reformatted memory cards.
  3. Mac OS X prompts for disk initialization when digital camera memory card is just connected.
  4. Corruption caused due to accidental removal of memory card from digital camera during photo processing.
  5. File system corruption in storage media.
  6. Camera turned off un-intentionally.
  7. Storage media being pulled out from camera during write process.
  8. Logical memory card corruption.

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