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My MacBook was stolen and I was able to recover it. However, all the data from the computer has been erased. I am looking to retrieve pictures from this Mac Book.

Introduced in 2006, the MacBook replaced the iBook and PowerBooks. Despite of being the cheapest of any computer in the Mac line, MacBook uphold the quality and reliability of Apple. In 2008, this brand of Macintosh notebook computers by Apple Inc. has been the best-selling Macintosh in history. MacBook come in two types, MacBook and MacBook Pro. However, MacBook can also run Windows if you install Bootcamp. It comes with a bundle of software already installed, such as iPhoto, iMovie and a number of graphic arts programs.

After a data loss scenario, irrespective of the storage media or operating systems, data recovery is possible, if the data in question is not overwritten by new data. Deleted data from trash bin can be easily restored if you act instantly. If the image you are looking to recover have not got overwritten by any new data then, Photo Recovery (Mac) software will help you recover them all.

All the Mac Photo Recovery Software are available as free evaluation. Download Photo Recovery (Mac) software and test run the application too see if it can find the deleted pictures from the MacBook. The software uses the deepest search methods and the most sophisticated recovery algorithms to give you the best possible chance of recovering your files. Demo version of all Photo Recovery software restricts file saving option and allow users to preview the recovered file using tree formed after scanning the drive. To recover files you need to buy the full version.

Apart from the above mentioned detailed feature, this software is also capable of getting back files from external HDD,formatted SD card, corrupt memory cards, jet flash drives, digital cameras etc with few fast clicks. Hop on the article to gather more detailed knowledge on its performance of data file and digital media file recovery.

Simple steps to recover photos with Recovery Mac Photo software on Mac OS X are as follows:

Step 1: Run Recovery Mac Photo software, by double clicking on application icon from the “Applications” folder or the location where the software has been installed. Program main Window will be displayed as shown in the Figure (a).

Recover Deleted Photos Mac - Main Screen

Figure (a): Application main window

Step 2: Select the physical drive from the drive(s) list (List shows all the attached storage devices like hard drives, memory card, USB drives etc), and click on “Next” button or double click on the drive to proceed (see Figure a).

Step 3: As you click “Next” button, the program displays a Window to select file types that you wish to recover. By default all the file types will be selected. Click on “Deselect all” button and select those picture file formats which you wish to recover and click on “Recover” button as shown in Figure (b).

Recover Deleted Photos Mac – View Recovered Photos

Figure (b): View Recovered Photos

Step 4: After the scanning process is completed, the recovered images will be analyzed and displayed in a well organized data tree. If you wish to retrieve and save the entire data tree, click on “Select all” button and further click on save button. As soon as you click on save button, a window to specify destination location is opened. Specify a safe destination location to save all your selected data in the recovered data tree (see Figure c).

Recover Deleted Photos Mac - Save Recovered Media Files to Safe Location

Figure (c): Save Recovered Media Files to Safe Location

Do not save the file(s) to the same location from which you are recovering the data as this may lead to permanent data loss.

Please Note: Recover Mac Photo is equipped with preview option to give you a fair idea of recovery possibilities. To preview the pictures, select the image from the data tree and click on “View” button or just double click on the file.


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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

Download Free Demo Recover Photos (Mac)

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8)
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Download Free Demo Recover Photos (Mac)